Villagers burn ritual murder suspect’s business complex

Angry villagers in Zvipani under Chief Dandawa, Hurungwe West razed down a business complex  belonging to Robert Tichareva, a second suspect in the a suspected ritual murder case in which a woman’s head was chopped off.

Tichaona Katsvamutima

Goods worth thousands of dollars of were destroyed in the inferno.

Tichareva, a businessman in Zvipani, is a second suspect in murder of 40 year-old Dadirai Mashonga.

She was murdered by her 22 year-old brother, Isaac who chopped off her head intending to sell it for $4000 from Tichareva.

The villagers besieged Tichareva’s complex, accusing the businessman of taking advantage of the first accused’s supposed unstable mental state.

“Dai asiri Giant (Tichareva) akatora advantage yekuti dzaIsaac hadzina kutikwesere, Dadirai angadai arimupenyu izvozvi, (had it not been for Tichareva, who took advantage of Isaac’s mental instability, Dadirai could have been alive),one of the protesters said.

The duo appeared before Karoi Magistrate Sam Chitumwa on Monday and was remanded in custody to August 3.

Addmore Shekede represented the state.

Tichareva was represented by Karoi lawyer Samuel Muemeki, while Isaac was not represented.

It is the State’s case that sometime early this month, the two hatched a plan to behead Dadirai Mashonga for ritual purposes.

The State alleged that Tichareva wanted to use the head for ritual purposes to boost his business fortunes and promised Isaac $4 000 upon delivering the human head.

Allegations are that on July 14 at around 2am, Isaac went into Dadirai’s bedroom armed with a knife, an axe and an adze.

He hacked off Dadirai’s head and allegedly put it into a satchel to deliver to Tichareva.

Around 6am on the same day, the deceased’s mother Keredia returned from an all-night prayer session and discovered Dadirai’s headless body lying in a pool of blood.

Villagers reportedly confronted Isaac after noticing blood stains on his jacket and he testified to killing his sister.

Isaac led villagers and the police to Zvipani Business Centre where he had hidden the head under Tichareva’s instruction.
Police also confiscated the suspects’ mobile phones, Isaac’s blood stained shirt and weapons used in committing the offence.