Sulumani applies for variation of maintenance

Dendera musician Sulumani Chimbetu has made a court application seeking a maintenance fee downward variation from $800 to $200 for the upkeep of his two minor children on the grounds that it is exorbitant.

Chimbetu was ordered to pay $800 monthly in maintenance of his ex-wife Marygold Mutemasango and their two minor children by the Civil Court in December 2016.

In the application, Chimbetu now wants the maintenance fee to be reduced to $200 monthly since he has other three children whom he is taking care of.

“I must point out that the figure of $800 which I am currently paying is exorbitant and unsustainable in the current economic environment compared to my income. My current salary is $750 with a provision of 5% of the total earnings realised from each live show that the band would have staged, other 25% is retained by the company and the other 75% is retained by the promoter of the show,” said Sulumani in his founding affidavit.

To buttress his claims, Chimbetu attached his payslip together with those of two other band members Jonah Nyamungoma and Carlton Mparutsa, whom he said were undisputed members of the Orchestra Dendera Kings.

He argued that international tours in the United States and South Africa that the band used to have are now difficult to come by.

“The other factor that has eroded our income as musicians is the illegal piracy of our music. That this not peculiar to me, but other musicians is common cause,” said Chimbetu, adding that releasing a new album was now very costly.

He pleaded with the court to reduce the monthly maintenance arguing that his monthly bill continues to balloon after his current wife lost her job in August 2017.

Sulumani was customarily married to Marygold and were blessed with two minor children before their marriage irretrievably broke down in 2015.