Prosecutor General Kumbirai Hodzi

Prosecutors demand "independence"

Prosecutors at the High Court on Thursday downed tools accusing the Prosecutor General, Kumbirai Hodzi, and the Special Anti-Corruption Unit of harrassing them and criminalising their professional duties.

This follows the arrest of two prosecutors, Edmore Nyazamba and Tapiwa Kasema, who have both been charged with criminal abuse of office for decisions their made in the Supa Mandiwanzira and Ignatious Chombo trials respectively.

It took the intervention of Hodzi who assured them that no one was going to be arrested for doing their jobs. 

Sources confirmed that business came to a halt briefly at the High Court with prosecutors in protest.

According to a petition addressed to Hodzi, the Prosecutors accused him and the special anti-corruption unit were abusing their offices and proven to have more powers even to dictate what should be done by prosecutors.

The prosecutors said they now feared for their safety after the arrest of two of their colleagues for doing their job.

Nyazamba was arrested last month for alleged misconduct after he allegedly failed to obey instructions to file a response opposing former Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security Minister, Supa Mandiwanzira’s application for review.

Mandiwanzira was eventually aqcuited by the High Court.

The Nyanga South Member of Parliament has since demanded an apology from Hodzi who alleged and claimed that he had "snatched" a judgement erroneously and corruptly.

On his part, Kasema was arrested after consenting to former Minister Ignatius Chombo to getting his passport back.

The two prosecutors are out on bail.




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