President blasts “Judas Iscariots”

President Robert Mugabe says people should stop attempts to wrestle the Presidency from him through dubious means as he was still in charge.

Moses Matenga

Addressing scores of mourners during the burial of national heroine, Maria Msika, wife of the late Vice President Joseph Msika who died last Friday, President Mugabe said there were some elements who were acting like the biblical Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus during the “last supper”.

He castigated actors involved in creating shortages of commodities in the country, saying they were meant to cause uprisings against government adding that such attempts will not work.

“We have some among us. Who want to do what Judas Iscariot did during the last supper? Let us deal with them, let us embarrass them. We hear others saying we should change leadership and the President must go. I did not take this post from anyone, I was voted for by the people and I don’t want with it,” he said.

“When the time comes, the people will decide but for now, I am in charge,” he said.

President Mugabe’s comments on shortages in the wake of shortages of basic commodities across the country that have seen people panic buying.

He however said government was working out to end the “artificial shortages.”

He said the economy was on the rebound due to the successful Command Agriculture programme and the Presidential Input Scheme among other government initiatives.

President Mugabe showered praises to Gogo Msika saying she was a loving wife, mother and “woman of the people.”