Chief Justice Luke Malaba

Poor working conditions affect Judges, Magistrates

…some Magistrates homeless, forced to hike to work

Chief Justice Luke Malaba has pleaded with President Emerson Mnangagwa to improve the condition of service for Judges and Magistrates, saying some top judiciary officials have been reduced to hike public transport to work and some of them were homeless and desperate hence compromising their efficiency.


The Chief Justice was speaking during the official opening of the new  Labour Court building in Harare where Mnangagwa was the guest of honour.

“Some of the Judges are yet to get their conditions of service vehicles,” Malaba said.

“Most of our Magistrates have no accommodation of their own, they also hike from potential litigants. We remain hopeful that Judges and Magistrates can concentrate on their work,” he said.

He said they have engaged a local bank to avail loans to Magistrates to purchase vehicles and to acquire residential stands.

Malaba said they were also waiting for foreign currency allocation from the central bank towards the provision of housing to Magistrates.

“An independent judiciary must be financially independent and should be well funded,” he said.

Chief Justice Luke Malaba says, as head of Zimbabwe’s judiciary system, he will not tolerate judgement delays in labour disputes. Chief Justice Malaba says labour matters are sensitive and they require sensitive handling. 

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said the country required an effective labour justice system to ensure sustenance of business.

He said a situation where labour cases were not properly dealt with was  bad for the development of the country.              



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