Ward 16 Councillor Denford Ngadziore

‘No time for excuses'

A Harare councillor has said residents were not tolerating excuses from the local authority on their failure to deliver on promises, adding that elected officials should act.

Moses Matenga

Harare Ward 16 councillor, Denford Ngadziore, said residents were tired of excuses and as councillor, he would summon council executives to attend his consultative meetings and address the people’s concerns.

Ngadziore said he was looking into dealing with errant council workers who are estimating water meter readings and charging residents for the water they would have not used as it was creating problems for the local authority.

He said another issue was the poor state of roads in the ward among other issues that needed attention immediately.

“Ward 16 residents are no longer tolerating excuses, they now want service delivery and they expect us elected officials to deliver. They are clear about they want. They want a solution to the crisis on the roads and they expect us to work on that and I am working on that,” he said.

“Another issue is of council workers sitting in their offices and giving estimates where they are supposed to be going and checking on meter readings. They then resort to estimates leading to residents being charged for water they would not have consumed,” he said.

“There have been water challenges in Sentosa for the past 14 years, they want nothing short of a solution to that and I intend to bring in the Water Director and officials  to my consultative meetings so that a solution to that problem. We can’t ignore that, it is a serious issue,” he said.

Ward 16 covers areas including Malbereign, Ashdown Park, Madokero, Haig Park, Mayrick Park, St Andrews Park among others and has been facing challenges of service delivery for a long time.

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