Tout (40) shot dead in CBD

A Harare tout, identified as Grasham Wakapira (40) was Wednesday afternoon shot dead by a 24 year-old man after an altercation over parking space in the central business district.

Anesu Masamvu

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident.

Nyathi said the suspect parked his vehicle at the corner of Kwame Nkrumah and First Street, leaving his two sisters in the car as he went about his business.

It is alleged that a group of five men approached the vehicle demanding that it be driven off from the spot.

The owner of the vehicle was called in and an altercation ensued leading to the fatal shooting.

“When the owner of the vehicle came back, a scuffle ensued resulting in the owner of the Subaru vehicle drawing out a pistol. He then fired a shot which resulted in the death of the 40 year-old man,” Nyathi said.

The Subaru vehicle was set on fire by an angry mob.

Police have since arrested the suspect and four others believed to have incited the violence.

Nyathi said investigations on the matter are continuing.

He urged people to stop interfering with the movement of traffic and allocation of parking space in the central business district.

A witness said: “The man who shot the now deceased wanted to park his car not knowing that these touts are the ones usually paid by motorists. He then refused to pay and these touts started to harass him.”

“He (the suspect) started running avoiding the confrontation, and along the way he met a police officer and a soldier asking for help and both officers refused to intervene.  At this point, he pulled out his gun and shot the now deceased,” the witness said.


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