Government to deal “decisively” with social media abuse

The government has vowed to deal decisively with social media abusers accusing them of triggering the “artificial shortages” of basic commodities and fuel that were experienced over the past few days.

Valentine Maponga 

Speaking during a press conference in Harare, Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa said what happened over the weekend was not a reflection of the reality on the ground in all sectors of the economy.

“Cabinet will soon come up with legislation that will deal with the social media. We want to thank whoever is behind the spread of this false information for putting us on alert this early,” said Chinamasa who was in the company Information Minister Christopher Mushowe and Industry minister Mike Bimha.

Chinamasa said the government has injected 40 million litres of fuel onto the market to curb the artificial shortages that he said were triggered by false social media reports.

He said government has also taken measures to deal with illegal foreign currency traders with the police being empowered to arrest all illegal money changers.

“We have come up with measures to close all loopholes in the financial sector. We are going to track the movement of money for the Reserve Bank to the commercial banks until it reaches the depositors through bank tellers,” said Chinamasa.

The Finance minister also said the government has the powers to cancel and withdraw shop licenses to businesses that do not have bank accounts but running multi-million dollars companies.

Minister Mushowe said the Cyber Securities Bill will soon be enacted into law to deal “decisively with social media” warning internet service providers not be caught “on the wrong side of the law.