Former NSSA boss barred from entering premises

Former National Social Security Authority General Manager, Liz Chitiga, who was recently fired from the parastatal , was today barred from entering the Authority’s premises after allegedly reporting for work.

Her lawyers, had written to the Authority advising that the NSSA board acted unilaterally when it fire her. The lawyers said she was supposed to return to work.

Chitiga was sent packing on April 6th. Her contract was due to expire in July 2019.

She said: “It was a unilateral announcement. It had no legal basis.I went there today and they barred me from entering the building. l just left the building now and am going to my lawyers.”

Her lawyers had written the NSSA board had no legal basis to fire their client.

“Your letter also states that with immediate effect, our client will no longer be the General Manager of NSSA.  Again, your letter is silent on how and under what law her position can be altered as stated in your letter.  We therefore advise that in so far as we are aware, the Board has no power whatsoever to unilaterally act as it has and that our client will remain the General Manager of NSSA until her employment contract has been lawfully dealt with following due process as provided for in her employment contract and in the country’s labour laws.”

The lawyers added that, “In this respect, our client therefore tenders her services in terms of the employment contract and in the same vein expect the Authority to abide by the terms of the employment contract.  As our client does not wish to be disruptive, she will not attend at the workplace until such time that you have responded to this letter.  Her non-attendance should not, therefore, be regarded as absenteeism and a breach of the employment contract.  If we therefore have not heard from you by the 12th April, 2018, please be advised that our client will thereafter report for work.”

Her contract with the Authority was set to expire next year in July next year.

Chitsiga was appointed substantive general manager on a fixed three term renewable contract in 2016, taking over from James Matiza.