Paul Zakariya

Economic woes threaten winter wheat production

The prevailing economic crisis has affected the winter wheat production with farmers saying the unavailability of fuel, the electricity cuts among other problems have seriously hampered their plans for this season

Virginia Nyambe

Chief executive officer of the Zimbabwe Farmers Union, Paul Zakariya, said farmers were affected by the current crisis as basic things they need to work were not immediately available.

“There is high demand of power and because of that we have started experiencing load shedding,” Zakariya said.

“All the wheat is an irrigated crop so without a steady supply of power, wheat production just goes to question on do we have the finance, are we guaranteed of the power to indicate the crop, do we have the finance to produce wheat and also looking at our fuel situation in the country are we guaranteed that the tractors are going to move and operate on the farms?”

He said farmers’ expectations may not be met under the circumstances and yields will be much lower.

The ZFU boss said this was likely going to lead to the country importing wheat, another problem since the country currently does not have foreign currency.

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