Professor Lovemore Madhuku

Dialogue : Police, army role under scrutiny

…SA urges Chamisa to come to the table 

National Constitutional Assembly leader, Professor Lovemore Madhuku said the on-going national political actors’ dialogue should also involve discussions around the security sector reform and the conduct of the police and the army.


Madhuku was contributing during the political actors dialogue programme in Harare where he said there was nothing dangerous about discussing the role of army and the police as political parties.

“They (the police and the army) are part of the dialogue, everything Zimbabwean should be part of governing ourselves. What the army and police does is part of dialogue. There is nothing dangerous about discussing our army and police,” Madhuku, a University of Zimbabwe Law lecturer said.

Responding to a question on how dialogue recommendations will be approved by Parliament when the bulk of the political parties involved in the dialogue do not have representations in the house, Madhuku said there was no need to involve Parliament in the process.

“Dialogue does not happen in Parliament. Parliament is created for a particular purpose and that is to make laws and other duties. When we involve Parliament, then that is not dialogue, dialogue must happen outside Parliament,” he said.

President Mnangagwa launched the dialogue which he said was meant to foster unity among Zimbabweans.

Among the signatories to the dialogue initiative are the NCA, the Thokozani Khupe-led MDC-T among several others.

The Nelson Chamisa-led MDC has snubbed the dialogue process saying its conditions should be made first before they engage the Mnangagwa administration.

South African Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mphakama Mbete saluted all the parties involved in the dialogue process and urged the MDC Alliance to come to the table with a view to provide “African solutions to African problems.

He said Sadc was willing to avail a facilitator to the dialogue.

 “If you so wish to have a facilitator from outside, we will be more than willing to avail and suggest names,” Mbete said.

“We wish to have parties that are not part of the dialogue to be part of the dialogue,” he said adding the initiative was a game changer.

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