Cahora Bassa is overspilling

Cyclone Idai brings electricity hope

Government has said that despite the devastating effects of Cyclone Idai that ravaged parts of Mozambique and Manicaland province in Zimbabwe, the disaster has also brought electricity hope as it has filled Cahora Bassa with enough water to generate power.


Energy and Power Development Minister, Jorum Gumbo, said he will soon be making a trip to Mozambique to negotiate the increase of electricity imports from the eastern neighbor.

Zimbabwe is currently faced with power cuts with the power utility, Zesa, attributing this to low water levels in Kariba.

Zesa has already started load shedding to balance demand and shortages.

“Cyclone Idai was bad for us, it was very bad for Mozambique as well but on the contrary it also was very good for the Cahora Bassa because then the dam is full so in the next few days or weeks I will be making a trip to Mozambique   to arrange for increased imports of power from Cahora Bassa because it is over spilling. I want to assure the nation that government is cognizant of the effects of low water levels in Kariba and also the situation in Hwange,” Gumbo said.

“As mitigatory factors, we are looking at importation from Cahora Bassa and Eskom (South Africa) as we have always done. We would have the usual problems of foreign currency but we want to assure the nation that everything will be under control.”

Ironically, Eskom is also struggling to provide power to South Africa plunging the country into darkness most of the times due to incessant power cuts.

Cyclone Idai left hundreds of people dead while thousands were displaced in Chimanimani and Chipinge districts.



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