Angelica Broman

‘Boys are being raped but afraid to report’

Young boys in Zimbabwe are also victims of rape but are afraid to come out in the open, a Swedish diplomat has said.

Chengetai Murimwa

First Secretary at the Swedish Embassy, Angelica Broman, said boys do not want to come out in the open that they have been raped hence authorities are finding it difficult to assist the victims.

She was speaking to journalists during a United Nations Development Programme Media Training held in Masvingo.

“There are much more boys that are being raped but they do not want to admit that they have been raped,” she said.

“It’s so shameful to them and when we talk about gender-based violence we need to talk about both sexes and not just women.”

“When I visit clinics around Zimbabwe most statistics that I get are of young girls than boys, no one talks about rape of young boys,” she said.  

She said it is important that a person who has been raped receives medical attention within 72hours.

“A person who has been raped has to go to a clinic within 72 hours to get Prep which prevents them from getting the HIV virus and also emergency contraceptive so that they do not get pregnant,” she said.

She said five out of 10 percent of raped people in Zimbabwe go to the clinic as most are scared to seek medical attention.

“They think they need to go to the police which they fear, there is nothing in the law of Zimbabwe that say you have to report rape to the police, one can just go to the clinic, get the help you need and it can stay between you and the doctor,” she said.

She said the Swedish Embassy is committed to addressing gender inequalities in Zimbabwe.


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