Bogus soldiers to face the full wrath of law

Bogus soldiers on the prowl

The Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) has warned bogus soldiers on the prowl against using army fatigues and engaging in acts of criminals including armed robberies and demanding free rides in public vehicles.

Police and army have since warned those in possession of the army battledress to immediately surrender them of face the full wrath of the law.

A hotline number has since been created for members of the public to report bogus soldiers and those abusing the army uniforms.

“The ZNA has noted with grave concern an increase in crimes committed by bogus soldiers. This is despite an earlier notice to the public to surrender all military uniforms, replicas and apparel to the nearest police station or military camps,” said army spokesperson Alphios Makotore.

Makotore said anyone caught either in possession of, or wearing military fatigues will face the full wrath of the law.

“Section 99(2) © of the Defence Act (Chapter 11: 02) says, any person who without authority wears or uses any decorating supplied to or authorized for use by any member of the Defence Forces or any other military forces or any decoration so nearly resembling such decoration as to be likely to deceive shall be guilty of an offence.”

Several cases of men and women in military fatigued engaged in public browls and acts of robbery have been reported.

Recently, two soldiers died after a clash over women in Bindura ahead of the independence day celebrations.


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