The arisanal miners from Shurugwi are known for unleashing violence wherever they go

Artisanal miners from Shurugwi bring terror to Harare

Business came to a halt on Wednesday after a team of artisanal miners went on a rampage, beating up revellers and security guards in downtown Harare

Anesu Masamvu

The group identified as MaShurugwi, from the Midlands mining town, brought activities to a standstill just before midnight at a local joint where a security guard was stabbed in the melee.

Witnesses said the violent clashes started when one of the team members violently fought his way into the food section and started serving himself to burgers without paying.

His actions angered the attendant leading to a scuffle.

“After about 10 or so minutes whilst I was busy working on some electricity fault, unaware thinking the issue has been resolved, I was slapped in the back only to realise that they were now close to half a dozen people inside the bar before going outside,” the official said.

Prominent emcee Big Dollar who witnessed the brawl said the two exchanged blows before the gang member fled only to return armed with different weapons including machetes.

“I was on the DJ box and after realising that the situation was getting intense I then decided to call security which then pulled everyone outside. This led to the massive brawl which led to one of the security guys getting stabbed,” he said.

The machete-wielding gangs have a record of terrorising people wherever they go especially in the gold rich Midlands province.

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