Albert Nyathi’s Hollywood dream for talented young actors


Renowned local poet and musician Albert Nyathi says the country must channel resources towards the identification and development of local talent in the arts and entertainment sector.

Perfect Hlongwane

In an interview with ahead of the Albert Nyathi Talent Search (ANTS) to be held in Bulawayo this Friday, the Senzeni na hitmaker said the sector had the potential of becoming a multi-million dollar industry if given the necessary support and space to grow.

The event will be held on July 28 at Msitheli High School in Bulawayo and is being run Butholesizwe Nyathi through Amagugu International Heritage Trust.

Primary and secondary school children will be competing for honours in various categories including, comedy, poetry, music, dance and fine art.

He said the program was aiming to send the best actor to Hollywood as a way of developing local talent.

“We are trying to ensure the best of the best, at least one, should be able to go to Hollywood, although I don’t have the money right now, I am working with the corporate world to ensure that they go to Hollywood.”

“It is an ultimate dream for every kid to find themselves on such a world stage and my desire is to open those doors for them,” Nyathi said.

The ANTS programme is working in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Championship of the Performing Arts and the World Championship of the Performing Arts to send identified Zimbabwean actors to Hollywood in the United States of America.

Nyathi also said that he is impressed by the decision taken by the government through the ministry of primary and secondary education to recognise arts in the new curriculum adding that the ANTS programme is in line with the curriculum.

“I am really happy with Dr Dokora’s decision to ensure that the arts are a prominent feature in the schools curriculum and what we are doing is in line with the syllabi, “Nyathi added.

The Albert Nyathi Talent Search was started in 1998 and is credited for identifying artistes that include Sandra Ndebele, Prudence Mabhena and IYASA among others and shelved in 2000.

First prize winners in each category will get $50, a trophy and a certificate while second prize winners will walk away with $30, a trophy and also a certificate. The overall best performer at the talent search will walk away with $150.