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Judge rules, Bill Cosby, a sexually violent predator.

The label means 81-year-old Cosby, must undergo counselling for life and appear on the sex offenders' registry.

2 years ago

Shock new poll shows that Julius Malema is eating Cyril Ramaphosa's lunch

A new poll shows that the EFF is eating President Cyril Ramaphosa's lunch.

2 years ago

The Elders urge world leaders to step up efforts to eradicate Tuberculosis

In the same year, 10.4 million cases were recorded and 61% of the cases were found and treated.

2 years ago

I slept with 20-25 men everyday – Libya returnee

She naively quipped, trying to process the enormity of the offer that had been so coyly presented. “Nothing. You will, of course, pay back once you reach Europe,” her sponsor assured her.

2 years ago

Man who killed bin Laden says it may be ‘worst thing he ever done’

He recalled bin Laden’s two-year-old son witnessing the deadly U.S. raid.

2 years ago

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