Category : International

US votes on the future of congress and Donald Trump's presidency

Trump use campaign blitz to issue warnings on threats of illegal immigration and claim credit for economy

2 years ago

Minister on sex tape: My wife and I have nothing to be ashamed of

"I don't have a problem.... It was intended to embarrass me, to decapacitate me politically, to humiliate me and my family publicly, to embarrass the African National Congress,"

2 years ago

SA Minister claims leaked sex tape a ploy to blackmail him

The video was circulating among “political circles” within and outside the ANC

2 years ago

Man 'stoned to death by monkeys in India

Dharampal Singh was collecting pieces of dry wood

2 years ago

Facebook Hires Nick Clegg as Global Affairs Chief

Clegg replaces Elliot Schrage, the man that spearheaded Facebook’s response

2 years ago

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