Category : International

Calls from Congress to ban Boeing 737 Max from U.S. airspace begin to grow

In tweets Monday, Blumenthal also referenced the earlier crash as he called for the planes to be grounded

1 year ago

Global marijuana market to reach US$166 billion by 2025

Food, beverages, beauty, health and tobacco the ones with highest potential of disruption from the growing cannabis market

1 year ago

ED endorses Muhammadu Buhari's 56% victory in Nigerian polls

Opposition is rejecting the results

1 year ago

Zimbabwe lands top post in American city

His name left Zimbabweans and those aware of the African country excited

1 year ago

What the return of Gbagbo could mean for Ivory Coast’s 2020 election

In short, his return could make him a larger than life figure ahead of elections

2 years ago

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