Category : International

Billionaire abducted in Tanzania

The man said to be Africa's youngest billionaire has been kidnapped by masked gunmen in Tanzania's main city Dar es Salaam.

7 days ago

Couple arrested for murder, chopping victims bodies for dog food

They were arrested Thursday while pushing a baby buggy with body parts

9 days ago

Heavy fines for parents if students skip school in Bahrain

he Ministry of Education has issued a latest decree, according to which the parent will be fined BD100 if the student consistently fails to attend classes over a period of 10 days.

14 days ago

India celebrates as adultery is no longer a crime

The court said it deprived women of dignity and individual choice and “gives license to the husband to use women as a chattel”.

21 days ago

Judge rules, Bill Cosby, a sexually violent predator.

The label means 81-year-old Cosby, must undergo counselling for life and appear on the sex offenders' registry.

23 days ago

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